الاثنين، 30 يناير 2017

a sandy castle of magic and wonder

Every thing has changed ..not to know the road any more ..fog all around .. i can hear a storm coming  ...for not to know left from right is something ...but alas  i cannot see it ... my destination seems far far away in this fog ..
i am here to tell a story or was it a dream .... i cant remmeber which is which but i know it to 
be in my heart ... 

                                                               sand castle

its a tell of an incent sand land story .. in every land every culture there is a tell of mighty hereos and great dragon like creatures ...and my home is no diffrent ...i live in a small town not far away from a main city by the sea ...but while my peers where dreaming of life aboard ships a dreamt of her ...on  fast shifting land of sand and what ...i dont  know ..some thing is there ..i hear her calling ..but just behind her voice there is an eco ..a dangerous sound .....a subtle but its there ... 
last night was my 17 birthday ...and as it always in this town 17 is when you get ready to  choose..normally which ship you are to join and what position you inspire to  and at that night i  didnt  sleep ...  my father this old man a four coner of the earth traveler ..came to be 
are you awake badr ..with a gentle voice non but a father can master ..
yes father i am ..is ther some thing wronge 

and here my story starts ..a secret has been shared ...and a road has been set ..by fate and accepted by choice .....

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